Our America

Our America

April 20, 2022

“Our America” is a short-form, non-narrative meditation on American 20th century industrial promises gone awry. The film explores the dreams of World War II America through imagery based on 1943 propaganda posters called Our America which were distributed to schools throughout the U.S. From the vantage point of nearly a century later, the film examines how the innocent, celebratory intent of American ingenuity has led us on a path of unintended consequences.

“Our America” follows “140 Characters” (2017), a short non-narrative film about the unfulfilled promises of the internet. It was created purely as a non-profit, artistic endeavor with no external funding and no consideration of commercial potential.

A film by Dean Winkler and Don Butler
Music and sound design by Jon Kane
(c) 2022 Winkler Consulting Inc.


Deep Cut Film Festival * 2/2022 Ontario, Canada
Columbus International Film & Animation Festival 4/2022 Ohio, USA
Austin Micro Festival 4/2022 Texas, USA
Arizona International Film Festival 4/2022 Arizona, USA
West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival 4/2022 West Virginia, USA
FilmArte Festival 4/2022 Madrid, Spain
Paris Film Awards 4/2022 Paris, France
Festival de Cannes – Market Place 5/2022 Cannes, France
End Of Days Film Festival * 5/2022 Florida, USA
Richmond International Film Festival 6/2022 Virginia, USA
Fear No Film 6/2022 Utah, USA
Stockholm City Film Festival 6/2022 Stockholm, Sweden
Marina Del Ray Film Festival 6/2022 California, USA
First Contact Film Festival 7/2022 New Jersey, USA
Dubai Film Festival * 8/2022 Dubai, UAE
Albuquerque Film & Music Experience 9/2022 New Mexico, USA
Middlebury New Film Makers Film Festival 9/2022 Vermont, USA
Hudson Valley Film Festival 6/2022 New York, USA
01 NFT | New Media | Digital Arts Film Festival 9/2022 London, England
Coney Island Film Festival * 9/2022 New York City, USA
North Hollywood Cinefest 9/2022 California, USA
SorsiCorti Short Film Festival 9/2022 Palermo, Italy
Supernova Digital Animation Film Festival 9/2022 Denver, USA
Deep Focus Film Festival 9/2022 New York City, USA
Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image 9/2022 New York, USA
SENE Film and Music Festival 10/2022 Rhode island, USA
Bowery Film Festival * 11/2022 New York City, USA
The Psychedelic Film and Music Festival 11/2022 New York City, USA
Beaufort Film Festival 11/2022 North Carolina, USA
Video Art and Experimental Film Festival 11/2022 New York City, USA
Exground Film Festival 35 11/2022 Weisbaden, Germany
San Francisco Another Hole In The Head Film Fest 12/2022 California, USA

* Festival Award Winner

Winkler Consulting Inc.