140 Characters

140 Characters

April 20, 2017

What happened to the future we were promised? Why did we get Twitter instead of intelligent media that enhances society? Why are we developing useless apps instead of hardware? All enabled by our so-called “smart phones” which trap us like the prisoners in Plato’s cave – detached from reality and unaware.

This project was created purely as a non-profit, artistic endeavor with no external funding and no consideration of commercial potential. It is dedicated to Steve Rutt and Bill Etra; the two pioneering designers of scan manipulation analog video synthesizers.

Directed By: Dean Winkler, Maureen Nappi and Donald S. Butler
Music Performed by: Leftfield Written By: Neil Barnes, Daniel Clarke and Paul Daley
(c) 2017 Winkler Consulting Inc.


Obsessive Underground Film Festival  July, 2017  Hamburg, Germany
Short + Sweet Film Festival  July, 2017  Melbourne, Australia
Warwick Summer Film Festival  July, 2017  Warwick, NY, USA
Coney Island Film Festival  July, 2017  Brooklyn, NY, USA
World Animation Festival  Sept. 2017 Los Angeles, CA, USA
Supernova Digital Animation Festival. Sept. 2017  Denver, CO, USA
Look To The Future / Past  Sept. 2017  On-line
Woodstock Film Festival  Oct. 2017  Woodstock, NY, USA
Planet 9 Film Festival Oct. 2017  Chicago, IL, USA *
KAFFNY Infinite Media  Oct. 2017  New York, NY, USA
Block Film & Art Festival  Oct. 2017  Logan, UT, USA
Big Apple Film Festival  Nov. 2017  New York, NY, USA
Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival  Jan. 2018  Lafayette, LO, USA
Delete TV  March 2018  On-line
SENS Film Music Arts Festival  April 2018  Providence, RI, USA * *
Video Art Festival  May 2018  Miden Miden, Greece
Underexposed Film Festival  May 2018  Rock Hill, S.C., USA
Melbourne International Animation Festival  June 2018  Melbourne, Australia
Brainwash Drive In Movie Festival  July 2018  Oakland, CA, USA
Sedicicorto International Film Festival  Oct. 2018  Forli, Italy
Port Shorts Film Festival  Oct. 2018  Queensland, Australia
Psychedelic Film and Music Festival  Oct. 2018  New York, NY USA *
Intermediacaionoes Muestra de videoarte y video experimental  Oct. 2018  Antioquia Columbia
Hudson New York Shorts  Oct. 2018  Hudson, NY, USA
North Bellariine Film Festival  Oct. 2018  Victoria, Australia
Exground Filmfest 31  Nov. 2018  Wiesbaden, Germany
Electric Short Film & Music Festival  Nov. 2018  Salles-sous-Bois, France
Crossing The Screen  Nov. 2018  London, United Kingdom
Another Hole In The Head Film Festival  Nov. 2018  San Francisco, CA, USA
Tokyo Cowboys Film Festival  Dec. 2018  Tokyo, Japan
Rock ‘n’ Roll Film Festival  Jan.  2019  Kenya, Africa
Bowery Film Festival  June 2019  New York City, USA
Brooklyn Film Festival  June 2019  Brooklyn, NY, USA
World Fest-Houston International Film Fest  April 2019  Texas, USA * *
Harlem International Film Festival  May  2019  New York City, USA
Deep Focus Film Festival  Oct.  2019  Brooklyn, NY, USA

* Festival Award Winner

Winkler Consulting Inc.