"140 Characters"


A short film that poses the question: What Happened to the future we were promised?



Engineering design and execution for Production, Post Production and Display of ultra-high resolution, multi-screen immersive films for the new National Museum of Qatar


The Doha Film Institute is creating a series of ultra large scale immersive films for the new National Museum of Qatar, located in the capital city of Doha. The poetic nature of these films combined with immense scale on multi-screens is designed to transport visitors while providing a unique window into Qatari culture. There is currently no comparable installation anywhere in the world.


Creating these films requires pushing the boundaries of several existing technologies. The films will require full motion image resolution as high as 25K by 4K, cover over 33,000 square feet of projection surfaces and be displayed through 155 projectors blended together. Typical viewing distances will be less than one screen height, fully immersing visitors in the films. WCI is providing engineering design and execution services to the Doha Film Institute to help create these unique films.


The National Museum of Qatar will open March 27, 2019. Architect Jean Nouvel discusses his extraordinary design below.



                                                              "Freefall Sangria Promo"


                                                     How to promote a new artisanal spirit created by skydivers?

                                                              From 13,000 feet above the Earth, of course.

Post Production and Visual Effects Supervision for "A Birder's Guide To Everything"


A warm, coming of age independent feature directed by Rob Meyer, "A Birder’s Guide To Everything” premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. WCI’s Winkler was the film’s post production and visual effects supervisor. The clip below of CGI geese demonstrates that convincing visual effects in support of a story can be produced on a modest, indie film budget. The film is available on iTunes and Amazon.




WCI and accomplished producer Dan Lindau created Laboratory, the 21st century version of the film lab, designed specifically to bridge the gap between production and post production for commercials shot digitally. Laboratory provides management of files from capture to archive via an optimized digital workflow process. In 2014 Laboratory was acquired by New York City based Creative Services / Video Opticals.


Digital Production and Post Production Workflow design


“Workflow design” is just a buzz word for "thinking in flowcharts" which we describe as applying formal process engineering to production and post. This is a bedrock concept of all WCI services and something we’ve been committed to long before it was en vogue. Examples below include the 35mm / video tape based multi camera production and post for TV show “Spin City” (1996), a simple single camera Alexa production for indie film “Catataonk Blues,” a complex, high resolution stiched-camera production and

a state-of-the-art 9K x 3k post production finishing workflow both for DFI.


Comprehensive Test, Measurement and Pre-Visualization Through Mock-Ups and Simulation


The twin sister of process engineering is the rigorous test and measurement of results -- a second WCI bedrock principle. We provide a wide variety of these services including: image and sound quality control, ergonomic design prototyping, end-to-end signal flow proof of performance verification, video compression testing and full scale mock-up design and execution for creative and technical pre-visualization.


WCI's Winkler has been a pioneer in the use of mock-ups. Shown below are: an eye line study of control room ergonomics (1983 SMPTE paper), a before and after shot of a full scale mock-up used to design edit suites at Post Perfect and the mock-up created for the Doha Film Institute.